What Former Clients Say

Divorce is an extremely emotional process, especially when children are involved. Denise Tamir really helped us concentrate on what was important and what was best for the children.  We were directed to the most important issues financially and yet she was completely there for us emotionally. Each of the meetings was highly productive. I highly recommend Denise as a mediator.  We were able to get through a very difficult time of life with the most ease possible. G.M. 

Working with Denise was a joy.  She has an in-depth knowledge of the law including the process and procedures to close a divorce.  She was very professional and took her time to answer all of our questions and concerns. I would recommend her to my friends and family. D.M. 

As anyone who has been involved in a divorce either directly or remotely can attest, it is an extremely difficult, emotional and trying time.  Having been there myselft, I elected to use the services of a Mediator instead of hiring an attorney.  The reason for the selection was that I still had hope that a mediator would help in the transition in a more calm manner than laying all cards on the table in a Courtroom and risk revealing information to children and family members that should remain between the spouses.

After interviewing three other Firms and Attorneys, I selected Denise and was thrilled that I did.  She and her partner were a true blessing in my transition.  They were parient, provided innumerable boxes of tissues and remained focused on an amicable parting of ways.  While it was difficult and there were many moments of tension. She guided me calmly through seach step with tremendous compassion. 

I would highly recommend Denise to anyone considering divorce or currently experienceing a separation with the possibility of eventual divorce.  Her knowledge is vast and her demeanor amazing.

With the greatest respect,


I've heard nothing but nightmare stories about divorce, process, with children, etc.. I am happy to say that with Denise's help I think I have the record for the fastest and cheapest divorce in the state of Florida. I'd like to add that we did the entire process over skype because I was/am living overseas and unable to make frequent trips back to FL. I never even met Denise except over skype. Entire process took less than 3 months and under $5K, and our divorce included 2 children and 2 homes in 2 different countries. Denise was absolutely the best no doubt about it! Thank You!